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All routine refills should be requested at your office visit. The appropriate amount of medication will be dispensed to you with refills, such that you will have sufficient medication until your next office visit is due. If you are running out of your medication, please call to schedule an appointment for refills and follow-up before your medication runs out.

If you are needing a prescription refill and it’s NOT time for a check up, please check with your pharmacy PRIOR to contacting us. You may have refills on file! If not, please ask your pharmacy to send us an “Electronic Request” as we electronically transmit almost all of our prescription now. If they are not able to do this, please log in to your Patient Portal and send a request to the office. Please allow 24 hours for all refill requests.

If you have an urgent need for medication for an acute illness, please call the office. Recommendation will be made to you whether a visit to the office is needed.

Taking responsibility for your health and medications is an important part of your overall care.