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We aim to be your 'Medical Home'

We provide comprehensive care for you, whether it be to guide you in preventing illness, to treat minor ailments or to care for you in complex situations.

We are dedicated to your improved health and to meeting your expectations for quality service. Our goal is to serve you.

Our physicians and staff are here for you! We are "at your side" and at your service to help you manage both acute and chronic illnesses.

We understand that as much as we can and do treat the chronic diseases that you may have, prevention is always best and we hope that you will consider us your partner in your quest for improved health and wellness.

Office Hours
Our regular office hours are:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday: 9-1

Our phone lines are available 9-12 and 2-5 daily except Fridays (only 9-12). You may leave a message for us at other times. Our staff uses the “down” time for lunch breaks and to complete patient care tasks.

If The Office Is Closed

A physician is always available for you, 24 hours a day. If you reach our answering service, you may have the doctor-on-call paged for you. After hours "call" is shared by board certified physicians in the local community. The doctor on call will discuss appropriate treatment plans with you.

If you have an emergency, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911. In other circumstances, please call to determine the best course of action.

Visiting your Practitioner

We believe regular preventative care and chronic care management is very important and thus encourage periodic routine check ups/ follow-up visits. We usually will let you know at your visit when we'd like to see you back and can send a reminder if you request. You are always welcome to come in sooner should you desire.

Urgent Visits are available usually same day or within 24 hours to care for you if you are sick or have acute medical concerns. If we are not able to fit you in with your regular physician, our nurse practitioners can assist you.

We gladly offer Annual Physicals and Wellness Exams. We will perform a comprehensive review of your health and medical conditions as well as take the opportunity to address your overall Wellness and prevention. These visits are scheduled separately from other routine follow-ups and "sick" visits. We include time at these visits to counsel you on age-appropriate health issues and cancer screenings as well as to check on labs or studies that may be appropriate for you. “Healthy lifestyle” discussions are an integral part of these Wellness visits.

Well-woman Exams (Pap smears/ pelvic examinations) are offered as well. The guidelines have changed and though we continue to encourage Annual Physicals/ Wellness exams, Pap smears are no longer recommended annually for many women. Please ask your health care provider to counsel you on your specific situation.

Wellness Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine visits are integral in Dr. Serna’s practice. Weight loss? Healthier Lifestyle? A Healthier You? Consider our Wellness Program! See drserna.com for more information. We focus on healthy lifestyles and guiding you to make positive changes that can improve your chronic conditions, help you to lose weight or improve your overall health and wellness in a way that is meaningful for you! Our practitioners focus on a team approach, including Coaching, to help you achieve your health goals!

We understand that as much as we can and do treat the chronic diseases that you may have, prevention is always best and we hope that you will consider us your partner in your quest for improved health and wellness.

Fees and Payments

We are providers for most major insurance plans, including Medicare click here for a list of the insurance plans with which we are currently contracted.) The staff will be glad to handle billing for those insurance companies with which we participate. Co-pays and deductibles are due at the time of service as well as fees for services not covered by insurance, unless prior arrangements have been made. All fees are ultimately the patient's responsibility. Please note that we do require 24 hours notice for appointment cancellations or a fee will be charged.


We handle routine refills at your office visits but if you find you are needing medication refills at other times, please send a request via your Patient Portal or ask your pharmacy to send an electronic request to us. Allow 24 hours for your refill requests. If you are due a visit, we will let you know. See our separate policy on refills for more information.


Most of our patients have PPO type plans and thus do not need referrals through their insurance companies. However, if you have a plan that does require them, this must be requested before your specialist appointment. Allow 48 -72 hours for your referral to be completed. Please send all referral request through the Patient Portal.

If you do not “require” a referral but just need advice on choosing a specialist, just ask!

Hospital Care

Should you require hospitalization or an emergency room visit, we recommend NORTH CYPRESS MEDICAL CENTER. Our office is located on the hospital’s main campus. There are also “Satellite” ER facilities on Hwy 249, Hwy 290, Towne Lake and coming soon Fairfield. Please let the ER physician know that you receive care with us. Dr. Englund handles admissions for our practice at NCMC. Should you be admitted to another facility, please ask the doctor or a family member to call and let us know so we can help facilitate and coordinate your care as best possible.