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Meet the Coaches!

Coach Ursula M. Waheed-Hutter, Mag.(FH)

Coach Ursula is prepared to help you meet your Wellness goals! Looking for Balance? Weight loss? Healthier Lifestyle? A Healthier You? Consider our Wellness Coaching Program!

Coach Ursula is dedicated to helping others achieve healthy lifestyles. With a degree in health management, she spent her career broadening her knowledge in various health topics while working in Europe. As a certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, she is committed to supporting others balance a healthy lifestyle with their daily lives.

She loves travelling, reading and camping with her husband. As a native Austrian, she also enjoys skiing during the winter season and spending time in the mountains.

Coach Sean

With a background in premed studies and subsequent Coach training, Sean has been an integral member of North Cypress Internal Medicine and Wellness for over five years. Sean graduated with high honors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and uses his skills both from the clinical environment as well as Wellness Coaching to work together with patients to achieve their goals and support positive changes. As Chronic Care Manager, Sean works daily with patients assessing their needs and addressing concerns. In Sean's spare time, he owns a small pet supply store that focuses on healthy, all natural nutrition for dogs and cats.

MaryBeth Pappas Baun, MED, CWP, CWWPM

Our Wellness Development Consultant brings 30 years experience as an award-winning wellness coach, trainer, researcher, program and strategy designer, speaker and author. She understands what motivates people - meaning, what matters most – and connects them with their inner wisdom. She earned a masters degree in Education and Health Promotion at the University of Vermont in 1995. She enjoys a shared passion and her grandchildren for the wellness development profession, and for nature, music, outdoor recreation, photography and having fun with their young grandchildren.